Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mood Disorders Can Kill a Marriage

My good friend Diane Markins was gracious to invite me onto her blog talk radio show recently. Today you can go to her blog and read my guest post.

Here's the link:

And if you'd like to listen to the interview just follow the instructions on her page. Eventually there will be a link to Itunes which will make it so easy to share.

This is the most difficult time of year for anyone struggling with mental illness. Please don't give up, there is always hope.


Friday, October 21, 2011

The risk of change

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." --Anais Nin

A dear friend read me this quote recently and to be quite honest, it moved me to tears. Not only did the timing of this message pierce me deep in my heart, but I was touched by my friend's ability to see into me and know that this is exactly where I am right now. To remain tight in a bud is more painful than taking the risk to blossom.

We moved at the beginning of June, after living in San Antonio for thirteen years. We sold our house in one day, packed everything up within a month of the sale and arrived here in Dallas. Even though we had known for awhile the possibility of a move was very real, when it came time to actually do it, well, each one of us had our own burdens and grief to bear. I pulled in, focused on the moment by moment emotion and chaos that comes with a move and was overwhelmed by my maternal instincts to do whatever I possibly could to make this transition for my children to be as smooth as possible. I would be lying if I told you that it was easy, surely it hasn't been, and yet we as a family are closer than we have ever been. That could be because we lived in an apartment for a month, and for several weeks we were anonymous to anyone and everyone we saw, but really the truth is I think we all pulled in and took care of each other. In the midst of the chaos and the change we found a new rhythm, and a deeper faith in our God.

It's been four months. Sometimes it feels like four years. I only just now find myself able to see a little more clearly, feel a little more relaxed and am met with a new understanding that this is by God's design. He has thrown open the doors, ushering us into a new season ripe with possibilities. That's exciting and at the same time scary. Some days I want to stay pulled in and some days I want to jump right in and see what will happen next.

But I think mostly I want to trust God to help me breathe, to help me see that in time in this new place each member of my family will have deeper roots, will have connection and will in turn blossom. It's risky but oh so worth it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We've gone Kindle

Hello Friends!
Yes it's been quite awhile and there is a lot to catch you up on, but the biggest thing that has happened besides the fact that we moved to Dallas, is that our book is now available on Kindle. It went live this week and so far it's going great! I'm posting the link below.

I promise I'll start blogging again soon, until then happy reading!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Motivations for a New Year

Happy New Year! Even though I'm not a New Years Resolution kind of girl, honestly, how many people do you know who make resolutions only to beat themselves about the head and shoulders when they fall off the wagon, I think I will try and embrace the concept but, I will call them motivations instead. That’s much more positive and forward thinking. Here they are:

Motivation #1: Eat better. I know this isn't an original idea but it is important to me, especially since I gained a few pounds over Christmas. I've heard all my friends say that once you hit 40 your waistline just isn't the same. So, I will eat better and be motivated by the photo of bikini girl from American Idol that I have just placed on my refrigerator.

Motivation#2: Sleep more. Again, not an original idea but I do feel so much better when I've gotten at least 8 hours. In order for me to sleep more I think I've got to quickly move to motivation #3. See below...

Motivation#3: Exercise more. Of course this is on everyone’s list but it really does make my sleep that much more restful and I even have better dreams. “Just do it” will be my motto and the Nike Swoosh just joined bikini girl on my fridge.

Motivation#4: Read more. I love to read and used to save it for vacations only. A few years ago I realized that I could turn the tv off and turn my brain on if I would read every night, even if it's just for 15 minutes. I've read more books in the last few years than I have in my whole life. I'm going to make it through the stack on my bedside table and enjoy every minute!

Motivation#5: Snuggle more. My kids love to snuggle before bedtime and I need to really make this more of a priority. How much longer will my 11 year old want me to flop on the bed with him and let me tickle his back or hold his hand?

Motivation#6: Stop talking in an ugly voice to the driver's in other cars when it seems like they are crawling at a snails pace when I'm in a hurry. This one is really self explanatory, see #7.

: Don't be in such a hurry!

Motivation#8: Smile more! I've noticed there are two lines growing between my eyebrows and guess what they are from?? Yup, frowning. My brow is becoming furrowed and I think if I smile more that will slow the progression. And just in case you were wondering, my brow is not furry, it's furrowed! There is a difference.

Motivation#9: Practice loving myself more. Start with remembering who God is to me, how He has worked in my life and then hold on tight to that little glimmer of light that represents the “me” I was before society, before my family and yes, before I told myself to be someone different.

Motivation#10: Be Who I Already Am, and keep moving forward on that!

What will your motivations be? How will you stick to them? And, how will you know when you accomplished the goals you set? Write me and tell me your ideas and thoughts...perhaps we can motivate each other!
Blessings on a new year!

Ally Johnson